Peacock Silk Flower Girl Dresses

Each week, we highlight a flower girl dress that we can’t wait to feature. This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses from The Couture Collection, style 402. She added a 1/4 Cap Sleeve +15 and had us layer the skirt in colors to match peacock feathers. This dress was for a customer that we made several dresses for in the past – and for the older sister we made a slight variation with 3/4 sleeves as it was for a Jewish Wedding requiring more conservative sleeves. Both sisters had their dresses layered with multiple layers of tulle in shades seen on a peacock – every time they moved – the colors displayed a new color shade. That extra charge was just $50.


402-peacock-flowergirl-dress 402-peacock-qtr-cap-sleeves-fg-dress-back 402-peacock-qtr-cap-sleeves

402-peacock-flower-girl-dresses Peacock Themed Flower Girl Dresses

Silk and tulle flower girl dresses with gold and pink Swarovski Crystals

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses from The Royal Collection called Princess Daniella.  This dress was made for a very special family and they will understand the name – and I personally am very proud of all the members in this family – they are great Americans.  The dress style is 695, and includes everything you see.  Our customer chose ballet pink for the sash and a champagne pink base.  This special flower girl dress is covered with multi layers of pink and blush tulle, plus a top layer of ivory tulle with gold metallic flakes. The bodice was completely covered in Swarovski Crystals in the same color of pink but interspersed with gold metallic Swarovski Crystals.  In the back, was added a back flower to match and Swarovski buttons.  All of these things are included in the price.


Silk and tulle flower girl dresses with Swarovski Crystals

Royal Collection Flower Girl Dresses by Pegeen 695-pink-flower-girl-dress-back-detail

See our latest addition to The Regal Collection of Flower Girl Dresses

Our newest addition to The Regal Collection was inspired by the sweet baby princess and Princess Kate’s flower girl dresses at her wedding.  This newest addition to the collection is called Charlotte.


698 Champagne Pink Silk and Aloncon Lace - The Princess Charlotte

698 Champagne Pink Silk and Aloncon Lace – The Princess Charlotte


Each week, we highlight a flower girl dress that we can’t wait to feature.  This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 698 which is part of our Regal Collection and made in honor of the birth of Princess Charlotte.  The Charlotte from the Regal Collection has a pleated gore circle skirt designed after the skirt from the flower girl dresses in Prncess Kate and Prince William’s wedding. It’s bodice is covered with pearl, sequin and crystal encrusted on the French Aloncon rembroidered lace.  The dress has a V-Back, a bustle and real silk flowers.

REALLY Pretty pink and ivory tulle flower girl dress of the week

I suppose, after 30+ years of making flower girl dresses, it would be hard to name a favorite one, but this time, our latest Flower Girl Dress of the Week TOPS my list of all time favorites.  Perhaps because the bodice is made with Dotted Swiss Cotton which is a throwback to my days as a child, or maybe just the delightful color mix of Gumdrop and Creme – or just trimming the dress with my favorite all time real silk rose made from Habot Silk and hand crafted in Taiwan, where I think the best flower makers are, but this dress gets me every time, right in the heart with love.

Flower girl dress of the week

Tulle and silk flower girl dress by Pegeen

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 402 and  used gumdrop for the skirt and added an ivory and pink Dotted Swiss cotton +20 and a Trailing Rose +35. She layered the colors for the extra charge of $50 to match the exact color. Below are a few more variations.

Style 402 in grass green and pink shockStyle 402 in grass green and pink shock  Style 402 in ivory and eurolilac silk and tulle Style 402 in grass green and pink gumdrop 407-raspberry

Flower Girl Dresses and Jr Bridesmaids for “Finding Love Again”

Pink flower girl dresses by including Jr Bridesmaids dress in peony pink

Finding love again….

That’s what we titled this wedding of the year runner up. Cindy chose various shades of pink to compliment her beautiful flowers.

Cindy and Patrick – 2015 Wedding of the Year Runner Up: Meurer Image Photography l 760.805.1519 Carlsbad, CA

Bride choose Pegeen Style 306 for her daughters dress, Style 398 for the Jr Bridesmaids and Style 402  in Peony Pink with our Pegeen Signature Bustle

and colors for the Juniors were Champagne, Petal and Peony Pink.  Her daughter wore Peony Pink


pink-flower-girl-dresses-533-t  pink-flower-girl-dresses-349-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-101-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-030-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-032-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-031-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-346-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-350-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-037-t Pink flower girl dresses by          pink-flower-girl-dresses-360-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-526-t pink-flower-girl-dresses-347-t  pink-flower-girl-dresses-425-t

Announcing the 2015 Platinum Wedding & Flower Girl Dresses of the Year

Announcing the 2015 platinum Wedding & Flower Girl Dresses of the Year

Our 2015 Platinum Flower Girl Dresses of the Year

Pegeen's Flower Girl Dress of the Year in tulle, silk and Swarovski Crystals

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dress of the Year in tulle, silk and Swarovski Crystals

 Neopotism: Giving deference to your family. Astonishment: Total surprise your sister pulled this wonderful champagne pink wedding off.

I was always the creative one in the family, and I say this modestly, my siblings long admired my talents and the many homes I decorated. But this year I was blown away by two very special family weddings, the daughter of my eldest sister – a lovely family wedding who married a super guy in Philadelphia and my my middle sister’s son’s wedding in an old-style Kentucky wedding complete with WAY too much bourbon. When I was married, my oldest brother, who toasted me at my wedding in 1985 said “You never surprise me, Marg. Everything you do is done with elegance, beauty and this wedding is certainly a reflection of who you are.” I know he said it because my wedding was one of the first recorded weddings in the family…. back in the days.

But, this past August, it was with total surprise that my sister Emma pulled one on all of us. She and I have a brood of boys between us, and when the doctor (back in 1995) told me my second child was going to be a boy, the only thing I could say is “there goes the princess weddings!” My sister and I are always giggling about ways to get pink back in our lives. So, when she invited us all down to Kentucky for the wedding of her oldest son, she got her revenge and got her pink on. The wedding and rehearsal was a statement in pinks and champagne and all of her 5 siblings were completely transformed by her creativity and dedication to creating one of the most opulent, over the top weddings I had ever seen, and in this business, I have gone to well over 1000 weddings. So that is really saying something.

However, of the almost 5000 entries this year, I decided that there was no way I couldn’t pronounce the wedding of my sister’s son and daughter-in-law, as my favorite “2015 Wedding of the Year” – and here is a startling peek at the wedding and the rehearsal party!  For more, visit this page.

Flower Girl Dress & Wedding of the Year details0035-t reception-0050-t details-051-t flower-girl-dress-032-t flower-girl-dress-024-t flower-girl-dress-037-t reception-0041-t details0037-t flower-girl-dress-0013-t  flower-girl-dress-0012-t bride006-t  crystal-flower-girl-dress-006-t  rehearsal-0011-t

Wedding: Held at the Spindletop Hall, Lexington     Reception: Woodford Distillery   All Photography: Christine Cornwell

Rehersal Party and Wedding of the Year details062-t details020-t details18-t details054-t details025-t details064-t details067-t details041-t details043-t details053-t details036-t details066-t details047-t details057-t details022-t details20-t details044-t details005-t details004-t

Marg Hyland, Founder/Head Designer

Spa blue, tiffany & sea glass tulle silk flower girl dress

Today we sent out 7 flower girl dresses called OPAL from our Fairytale Collection, Style 903. It is made in soft shades of sea glass like silk and tiffany and slate blue tulle to give it a layered look.

Seems as if spring is coming after all!

Opal – from The Fairly Tale Collection by

Trends for 2015 in Flower Girl Dresses – Anything but a White Dress!

I sometimes laugh when I hear about trends for flower girl dresses – its like a man’s suit – single breasted, double breasted – I mean really not that much more.  For children though there are subtle changes from year to year.  For instance, when Pegeen first made flower girl dresses, they were relatively short – like knee length.  Ditto for communion dresses and really, that trend stuck around for quite sometime.  Then, there was a strong influence from European lines that brought to the market sophistication.  All one has to do is think of Sally (the daughter) in Mad Men and think when we were first introduced to that character.  Baby boomers.  We sure screwed up fashion, didn’t we.  In the 1980′s when I was married, the influence was all about Princess Diana.  Though I read Her Majesty and other similar magazines from England, I know the population here wasn’t as used to seeing little bridesmaids (their name for children in a wedding) in some really fancy duds (sailor and military suits for boys, and fancy lace dresses for girls).  Thus began my love affair with children’s fashion in the 1960′s.

Victorian Style Silk Flower Girl Dress by

It’s funny though, one of the dresses I created in 1985 (for my cousin’s wedding) is still as popular today as it was then… a Victorian style silk flower girl dress (style 397) from the Pegeen Classics.  Very British.

By the time Pegeen got going in the children’s bridal industry, we were one of the first children-only companies specializing in children’s bridal clothing.  Length of dresses became longer, though not floor length and Pegeen started saying “anything but a white dress”.  But within the past five years, that has gotten to be the trend – colorful dresses in multiple shades so as not to compete with the bride in her ivory – and I say ivory because we still see more brides wear ivory than white.  The image below captures just some of the flower girl dresses and ring bearer suits in anything but white!  See our gallery we call Weddings by Color for lots of ideas!  From infants through plus sizes. Flower Girl Dresses and Pageboy Suits in over 200+ colors of silk


Sharing some of our experience with enjoying Children at Weddings

Often a bride will wish to include the smaller members of her family or friends for her wedding party. These flower girls or ring bearers can be awfully cute in a wedding party but at times, can be plain awful as well.   Why is that? Well, often, this is the first time a small child will be exposed to so much attention placed on him. We as adults have had to experience of having that adrenaline rush when all eyes are focused on us but imagine a small child, for her, this can be the first time that the overwhelming feeling of too much attention hits them right before they walk down the aisle. So, what to do?

Blue and chocolate brown silk flower girl dress - Pegeen Style 383

Explaining to them, especially the two year old, what is going to happen is really meaningless to them. In fact, the more you talk about it, the faster you will see their heads shake with a firm “no”. I hear it on the other end of the phone with the moms as they try to take their measurements for their flower girl dress or ring bearer suit. “Come on honey, let’s take your measurement for the pretty dress we talked about” – and low and behold, I hear the child scream and run away.

Here are my suggestions for the process:

  1. MEASUREMENTS: As you will need measurements for their outfit, make it a game! Ask them to stand against the wall, and place a pencil on their heads so that they can see the dot; enlist their help to do the measurement. Take a tape measure to the dot and for the age appropriate child, see them read the number to you at the floor. When you take their chest and waist, especially if they are giving you a hard time, ask them to take yours first. Soon, they will allow you to take theirs AND pretty much they will want to take measurements for every person they see!
  2. PREPARATION: Even the tiny ones will need to understand what they are going to be doing. There are many cute books out there to read or a scene from a movie to help them understand what they will be doing. On our Pegeen website, we have plenty of photos of children walking down the aisle. I point out one particular wedding from our Featured Weddings of the Month for February 2008 when you see the little girls coming down the aisle, with a “line leader” (the oldest, the Jr. Bridesmaid’s) holding a flower garland with the little ones trailing behind. A few photos later, out bursts a little one with a pink sash whom we imagined did not feel quite ready to go down that all too intimidating aisle. Preparation, talking, showing books and photos, and even a movie or two isn’t a bad idea.
  3. THE REHEARSAL: Certainly, the rehearsal is a way for everyone to know their places and responsibilities but for children, the practice doesn’t emphasize how many people the following day (usually the rehearsal is the evening before) will be “staring” at them, and although harmless, it can be very frightening to children, especially small ones. After the rehearsal, it’s not a bad idea to talk to them and let them know (tomorrow) all the people will be there but you know just about every single one! Name many of them and the following day, it can be a game for them to spot their cousins or aunts and uncles, especially if you ask them to sit at the end of the aisle.
  4. THE WEDDING: This is the toughest time. Remember though, anything they do will be accompanied by chuckles of your guests. The older children, those 6 and older, are usually with it and are not quite a shy as a three year old, so they can help the younger ones. If however the child is “solo” know that there may be some hesitation on their part but they will make it through especially if you prepare beforehand.

For the wedding:

Certainly, the rehearsal is a way for everyone to know their places and responsibilities but for children, the practice doesn’t emphasize how many people the following day (usually the rehearsal is the evening

We suggest that, when possible, consider the following:

  • Have them walk down the aisle with older children or their parents.
  • Make it a fun place when they get there – books are always good. When mine was little, I kept him busy at the ceremony with cheerios and hid them in my gown.

Here are some fantastic tips for keeping the kids happy at wedding receptions:

  • Hire someone to sit with them at the reception
  • Can’t say enough about that Kids table – they like the independence
  • Many brides are now supplying a “candy” table – okay this is the one time that I can’t say it’s a bad idea – keep it by the deserts but keep tiny fingers off till after their dinner.

Our chat is always open until 11pm, and at certain busy times, till midnight and we are happy to share ideas from other brides. We have a neat page that we put some great ideas on it – one of my favorites is the wagon!



An Ombre Tulle Flower Girl Dress Just Added to Pegeen’s Couture Collection

Just added!  This lovely tulle flower girl dress, this one being used for a Nutcracker Ballet performance, was added to our Pegeen Couture Collection.  The flower girl dress is made in denim blue silk and you can customize this dress in over 200+ colors of silk.  There are three, ten layer “tutus” added to the skirt of which two are over 200″ in diameter! Each tier of tulle is done in a unique combination of colors – to go with all those Ombre Themed Weddings.

Blue ombre tulle flower girl dress with over 500

Blue ombre tulle flower girl dress with over 500″ of 10 layer tulle “tutus” by