Silver Gray and Glitter Tulle Flower Girl Dresses Metallic Sparkle top and Cinderella Bow by Pegeen

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 402 and a silk sash in silver gray plus a special fabric made of metallic crystals for an additional +85. She added glitter tulle +20 and an upgrade to a Cinderella Bow +20. There were no additional charges for this flower girl dress. Optional prices are subject to change. Check menus for current prices.

Silver Gray and Glitter Tulle Flower Girl Dresses Metallic Sparkle top by Pegeen

Silver Gray and Glitter Tulle FLOWER GIRL DRESSES, Silver Gray and Glitter Tulle flower girl dresses, Silver Gray and Glitter Tulle and metallic bodice junior bridesmaids dresses

Ballerina style FLOWER GIRL DRESSES with layers and layers of tulle

Chocolate and Tiffany Silk Flower Girl Dresses

It seems as if tiffany blue and chocolate brown still stays as a popular color for weddings. All one has to do is a search for the colors and you come up with hundreds of decorating ideas, gifts for your guests and wedding invitations.

Chocolate and Tiffany Silk Flower Girl Dresses - Pegeen Style 398

Here is a very beautiful Pond Blue (light tiffany blue) and Semi-Sweet (brown) silk flower girl dress style 398 by Pegeen.

How could you not love this flower girl dress?

This week’s flower girl dress of the week is REALLY beautiful and we are excited about seeing it walk down the aisle!

Tomato red and sorbet pink silk and tulle couture flower girl dress style 402

This customer chose to base her Flower Girl Dresses on style 402 and  chose Tomato Red for the base color and Sorbet Pink for the sash. She wanted individual layers of orange, red and hot pink for the tulle (+50), crystal tulle (+20) and a V-Back (+10). There were no additional charges for this flower girl dress.  Optional prices are subject to change.  Check menus for current prices.

The Isabella Flower Girl Dress from the Regal Collection

One of our favorite things we do is design a dress for a customer who wants to take risks. This customer wanted some bling on her dress and we were happy to oblige.

Ballet Pink Silk Charmeuse Flower Girl Dress Style 600

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 600 in ballet pink silk and covered by pink charmuese silk and rhinestone trim on the neck and armholes.  The dress comes from The Regal Collection and this particular style is called Queen Isabella.

Apple Green and Royal Purple flower girl dress Style 398 by Pegeen

I always loved this color since visiting the Key West area:  Our customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 398 and wanted her flower girl dresses to have a Royal Purple sash, and Key Lime green for the skirt and Antique White for the color of the bodice.

Royal Blue and Lime Green Silk flower girl dresses

Style 398 is a very popular silk dress for just about any wedding or special occasion. There were no additional charges for this flower girl dress.  Optional prices are subject to change.  Check menus for current prices.

Flower Girl Dress of the Week – Lovely Pale Pink and Blue!

I really had a hard time shipping this pink and blue custom flower girl dress out the door.  Sometimes, we design a dress so special that I only could imagine having a girl and letting her wear something so beautiful!

Pink and Blue Tulle Flower Girl Dress with Pegeen Signature Bustle and Flowers

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 402 and wanted Ballet Pink for the base color and Cloud Blue for the signature bustle +75.   She added sparkle tulle +20 and multiple layers of tulle +50.  We also chose to have the pink trailing roses for the back and a V-Back +10.

Custom flower girl dresses are not returnable as they are made to your specifications. We pride ourselves in our Guarantee Fit and Workmanship and ask that you provide measurements for your flower girl at a specific time to ensure a perfect fit. To order this just like the customer did, CLICK the CHECK PRICE button and choose the standard things – like colors, sleeve choices, size and optional special fit sizing. You can choose Other Options or ring bearer accessories like ties, pillows or vests in the other two menus. Pegeen is a manufacturer and designer of Fine Childrenswear, and our heart and soul goes into the process of each and every dress.  We are not mass produced and do not sell to stores so that our dresses have an exclusive appeal to our customers. Each of our clients grow with us and many become long time customers. If you are looking for a cheap flower girl dress, don’t come to us because we don’t use fabrics that are not up to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made and gorgeous dress or suit for your child, from the finest imported materials, then we are your designer. Proudly made in the USA.

Morning Gray and Peony Pink silk flower girl dresses

Our customer wanted a different styling for her flower girl dress.   We worked together to create this morning gray and peony pink silk flower girl dress with matching hand made silk pink roseses across the bodice.

Morning Gray and Peony Pink Silk Flower Girl Dresses

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 404 and quite frankly we loved it so much we decided to add it to our couture selection.  All was included in her price which we now call style 401. There were no additional charges for this flower girl dress.  Optional prices are subject to change.  Check menus for current prices.

Customer finds buying flower girl dresses from China a “Big Mistake”

We just received a letter from a customer last night regarding her experience with us here at Pegeen.  I thought I would post it because I believe it puts “what you pay is what you get” in the limelight.

“Dear Pegeen,

I first wanted to say thank you because you made it so easy to find the perfect dress.  However,  let me tell you the road to find you was not easy.

My experience of  “what you pay is what you get”  first started with making a purchase on Ebay and what I received in return was a piece of garbage.  Sure it was cheap and yes I am on a budget but, come on,  must the kids in my wedding party wear what was likely a poor excuse for a Halloween purchase?  So next I Googled “flower girl dresses” and found a company that unfortunately I had worse experience with.  Yes, they are an online store selling flower girl dresses and yes, I was looking to spend less than a college education on the dresses but when they came in, they were skimpy and poorly made.  The “crinoline” measured exactly 3o” wide which was just a tiny bit bigger than my oldest attendant’s hips!  So of course I tried to return it but that was such a disaster and one month later I am still waiting for a refund.

THEN I found PEGEEN!  I appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me, and was mystified when you didn’t chime in to my complaints stating simply “our dresses are beautiful, made at our own factory in Orlando and we can’t speak about another company as we are busy manufacturing our own line of flower girl dresses”.   I thought that very professional.

Well, today I got my girls dresses (4 of them) and can not wait until the girls finish trying them on.  What is more important was that my wedding was three weeks away when I called you frantically and you delivered 4 custom made GORGEOUS dresses in 5 days.  Not only were they beautiful but they were so full I couldn’t believe my own eyes.  The fabric, the lining, the stitching, the quality and the speed to which you delivered a product to me makes me want to shout it out to all those brides like me that was trying to save a few bucks.  Your prices, although they were $40 more that the junk I mistakenly bought, were really reasonable for custom silk flower girl dresses.  I did compare prices and was looking to spend $115 tops,  but I made that first mistake, you get what you pay for.  Junk made in China.  You don’t have competition as far as I am concerned – and for what you make and the prices you sell them at are unbelievable.  The closest comparable dress (I bought style 398 for around $150), was at least $230 from a few suppliers shown on and I noticed you had to pay extra for bigger sizes and a crinoline, which meant that they would have cost around $300 – so Pegeen, I guess you are 50% off retail!  Makes buying directly from the manufacturer really affordable.

If any of your customers have any doubt about my review on Pegeen,  give them my number.  I would be happy to tell them you are crazy for not purchasing from Pegeen.  I will send pictures in the fall when my photographs come in.  Thank you once again,  Kelie Swift”

Sometimes, it’s easier to use such a review from our customers that experiences the quality that we stand for. Pegeen

Peony Pink, Champagne Pink and Petal Pink Silk flower girl dresses

Tiffany blue and blush pink ballerina style with layers of tulle


Custom Blush Pink and Tiffany Blue silk flower girl dress by Pegeen Couture

We layered her tulle colors in the skirt (+50) in several colors so the skirt would show a three dimensional effect.  Additionally, she added the Pegeen Signature Bustle (+75).   Her bodice was in bisque, the sash in blush pink and skirt was in tiffany blue.