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NEW ORLANDO Design Studio and Headquarters for Pegeen Announced



Orlando, FL October 2016

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Pegeen has moved their design studios to Lake Buena Vista.

Pegeen was in New Jersey and moved their operations to Orlando FL 15 years ago to chase after the warmer weather and the attraction of Disney, Universal and a better family life. After being in Downtown Orlando for several years, Pegeen has now relocated their Design Studio close to their 8000 S/F factory and is just 1 mile from the back entrance at Disney. The move came as the partners of Pegeen needed new design space that would better fit the offices and offer bright light and plenty of room and of course, easy access to their favorite park, enabling them to steal away a few hours to relax. "It's funny," founder and head designer Marg Hyland elaborates, "no matter how stressful and busy our day can get, the mile drive to Magic Kingdom means that we can be parked and on the tram faster than we can whip up a meal. So at least once a week, we enjoy going to a different eatery every visit. Our factory is super close to the Studio as well. The best part is going to the park and just watching people. It gives my husband and I a time to talk, and though it’s usually about business, it gives us a chance to clear our heads."

Pegeen hopes that they can eventually open at Disney Springs in the future. For now, however, customers are still free to call and visit with us and hear the Disney train whistle that's so nearby. Yes, their offices come with their own sound effects. "We giggle every time we are on the phone and have to explain the train rumbling in the background. The best time occurs in late Fall and early Spring when we are able to shut off the air conditioner and hear the sounds of the parks."

"Pegeen's design studios are literally 1 mile from the rear entrance of the park so we are excited to greet our customers for a design consulting appointment. Many of our customers meet us who are not only from various parts of the US but many are from Canada and many more from Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Ireland and the Bahamas and sometimes we must look at the country’s location on a map!

Pegeen also allows for a small rush charge of just $50 so a customer can come visit the studio and place their order, picking up their new creation before they leave for home. Quite often, a customer will place and order before heading to Orlando and pick up their princess dress so their girls can be photographed using one of the parks photographers. Most of the time, a customer can come and visit to collaborate on a creation for the flower girl dresses in their wedding. Many times, a customer will say that, once they hear we are in Orlando, someone in the wedding party - ie the grandmother or aunt or bride - is coming on vacation and a personal meeting allows them to be involved in the design process. "Although we only get the opportunity to meet less than 5% of our customers this way, it still is pretty neat to have the chance to visit with them."

Visits must be set up beforehand by calling their offices.

For all media inquiries, please contact:
Flower Girl Dresscontact our Corporate Office 407-928-2377

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