Custom flower girl dresses have their own charm. After all, there is a certain kind of familiar feeling and special meaning attached when you know you are with the designer every step of the way, putting the dress together from scratch. It feels like a wonderful amalgamation of design expertise and creative energy. Having said that, it can also be the reason why everything goes for a toss.

To make sure your custom flower girl dresses pass the test and look their magnificent best, here are a few tips you can follow.

custom flower girl dresses

Just a hint of color

A custom-colored lining coming through tulle or lace is a nice way to blend in the bride’s chosen accent color. If you have more than one flower girl, you can have a custom lining trick in a rainbow of coordinating colors. You can also add in a hint of color with the perfect sash. This helps to throw attention to the exquisite detailing of the front dress.

The right kind of fabric is crucial

Designer flower girl dresses will never fall in place if you do not have the right fabric backing the design and pattern of your choosing. The manner in which a piece of fabric falls and moves affects style and mood in a big way. For instance, a flower girl dress made of silk with a touch of lace at the collar. This look is sure to look feminine and vintage. The same dress made from cotton batiste gives out a simple yet elegant look and feel.

The style of the sleeves

Sleeve styles change a dress silhouette more than you realize. You can pick from a variety of sleeve styles such as cap sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, unlined lace sleeves and even sleeveless. It’s important to know whether you are having a church wedding, outdoor wedding or a destination wedding before you make a final decision.

The perfect fit is crucial

Many times, the bride is going to have many flower girls who, more often than not, differ in age. In this scenario, a special amount of customization is essential if you want to make sure that every girl gets their perfect fit. The right artisan ensures that no matter what, the outcome is always rewarding. Pegeen prides itself on its Guaranteed Fit.

Other elements to bear in mind

You can think about personalizing the sash by putting the bride and groom’s monogram. Beautifully tied bows and streams of cascading ribbons also add a childlike, endearing quality. You can also think about adding detachable flowers which is sure to add a one-of-a-kind color and style to a dress.

See that the custom flower girl dress you design is versatile as well as comes with flexibility and individuality that is contemporary in every sense of the word. You are sure to find an array of flower girl dresses at PEGEEN Flower Girl Dress Company. So go ahead and create your own dress. The many options available are sure to make it easy to find the ideal one for you.