One of the most difficult problems that a mother of a flower girl can face (or the bride) is when is the exact time to measure for my flower girl dress? Some worry that if you order too soon, you could have fit problems. We have a pretty good system for measuring your flower girl for her dress as we often will ask for a re-measure closer to the wedding.

Although children do grow as often reported, "like weeds," we have observed over the years that the growth rate fits a pattern. This pattern doesn't deviate much and that is, children tend to have huge growth spurts over the summer when the brain is doing nothing but playing and enjoying their summer play instead of the hard work done throughout the school year. Moreover, children in colder climates have faster growth rates during the warmer months whereas in warmer climates the growth rate is a bit steadier. None the less, after measuring over 1 million children over the past 35+ years, our experience makes for accuracy. You can trust us for predicting growth so much so that we guarantee the fit.

You should use a standard tape measure, one that is flexible, made of plastic or cloth. The largest mark on the tape signifies the inch mark - and it is usually the longest line and sometimes the largest numbers. Then, depending on the tape that you use, it is usually divided into 1/16th marks or 1/32. When measuring for clothing you can measure to the nearest 1/4" mark. Typically, the quarter marks are slightly shorter than the 1/2" mark. So for instance when you measure the waist, you would round up to the nearest 1/4" mark. In children, its sometimes a 19 1/2" waist (around 3 years old).

Every manufacturer, in other words, a company that makes their own clothing under their own label, should have their own chart. Ours is seen on the following page: Measuring children for their clothing

We require 3 measurements, or as we describe, you are measuring a box. From the top of the head to the floor, a full standing height. It goes against logic that some manufacturers ask for a finished length - that is so arbitrary!! Finished to where, we often ask!? Just like in a doctor’s office, we suggest you place a pencil flat on their head after they line up against the wall with their heels against the wall. Make a small dot on the wall with the pencil. Then with the tape measure, drop the tape down to the floor holding the tool on the spot where the pencil is. Now, read the measurement at the floor line.

For boys, we want to measure the hips.

PEGEEN ROMANTIC TUTU STYLE 788 Nutcracker Waltz of the Flowers. Nutcracker 788 TUTU 2pc Romantic style. The skirt is made from a triple layer color of tulle and the bodice for this particular style comes in only one color. This style is particularily beautiful as it is made in a 2-piece set - a piping and stretch satin 12 pc Russian Bodice with bottom detail and a 3-tier skirt. Please contact us so we can request a complete set of measurements because this is so carefully fitted.

Measuring children for their flower girl dresses

To do the waist and chest, use the visual cue line of their belly button and their nipple line. The tape should be parallel to the floor. Where the end meets, that is the measurement spot. The following two measurements are done the same way: when holding the tape, don't pull on it too tight nor make it loose but instead place it along the skin, have the child take a deep breath and then let it out and talk to you naturally... ask them about their day to have them relax enough so the measurement is accurate. This way their flower girl dress will fit perfectly. Don't exaggerate the measurement or give them room to grow because we will calculate that and if you give them growth room and we do too, the result will be too large. If the wedding is more than 4 months away, we will give you a remeasure date that will occur 10-12 weeks before the wedding. At that time, we wil make the flower girl dress and ship within a week or so of your remeasure date.

Measuring children for their flower girl dresses

Questions? Call us and we are happy to walk you through the steps.