Made-to-Order" is not the same as "Made-to-Measure"

Made to Order dresses are manufactured according to standard sizing (versus a child's specific measurements) when the order is placed. By providing your child’s chest, waist and height measurements, we are able to recommend the best size for.  

If you prefer our Special Fit program (Made-to-Measure) because the child doesn’t fit in our size ranges, it is only a charge of $20 OR if she is plus size - $35.  Pegeen is known for it’s Magic in a Box fit, so we can provide you with the steps for that.

If you have any problems with sizing you can exchange to dress for just the charge of the shipping. If, after receiving your measurements, we decide we need to make it in a particular size or perhaps you need a Special Fit and you decide on not going with our decision then that order is not allowed to be exchanged for size or returned for any other reason. If you do not provide measurements to us and just pick a size, the dress is not returnable. Our fit is pretty fantastic and as long as you use our chart you should have no problem. Sizing exchanges are allowed however, so long as we have enough time to make the change. This will not be done for any RUSH or EXPEDITED order.  In fact in those cases, we will go with the total overall height if slender or if larger chest than the size would call for, we will go with the chest measurement.

Since we are relying on you to send correct measurements PEGEEN will not pay for freight in or out for sizing exchanges.  

SIZING EXCHANGE PROCEDURE: Call us for the address for your return. YOU MUST GET A RETURN AUTHORIZATION. Outfits must be returned to us in perfect condition to be accepted for sizing exchanges. If you ask us to remake a 2nd dress for you in a different size, this second choice is not returnable under any circumstances and any applicable upgrade in shipment to reach you in time will apply.

Sizing guarantee does not apply to overseas orders or orders placed for countries outside of the United States.  Please note, sometimes, in our rush to get our orders out, the girls may put a wrong size ticket on a dress.  However, you can call the office and we will tell you what size was hand cut as the list is always right.  Last, we may sometimes place two tickets on your dress if it is a combination size.  Lift up the size ticket and you will see the second size ticket underneath it.