Picking the perfect flower girl dress

should be a fun experience for you and the flower girl. The flower girl dress will ideally complement the bride’s gown while matching or also complementing the bridesmaids.

Finding the right style is the first step. Is the wedding a formal affair with a highly scripted ceremony and reception? A traditional style is most likely called for in this instance. Some bling in the form of sequins, pearls, crystals or rhinestones usually looks great, but care must be exercised to not upstage the bride. Or is it a casual, informal gathering? Is it indoors or outdoors? In a garden or on the beach, perhaps? The setting will dictate the type of gown for the bride as well as the flower girl dress, to a large extent. A casual wedding is almost always paired with more casual styling and a beach wedding with short or no sleeves and a higher hemline.Even the time of day can play a part. An evening wedding by candlelight can be something memorable and almost always the bride chooses an ivory gown instead of white as the ivory captures the warm glow of the candle better than white.

Speaking of white, there was a time when the flower girl dress was very likely to be white. Those days, for the most part, are gone. Now the bridesmaids and the flower girls usually are dressed in colors that fit into the bride’s color palette along with the groom and the groomsmen, the flowers, tablecloths, the cake, etc.

Choosing the color for the flower girl dress should directly correlate to the colors of the wedding, either have some part or all of the dress match or complement them. Pegeen silk flower girl dresses are available in over 200 mix-and-match colors, so they make it easy to find the color that is right for you.

flower girl dresses

For formal indoor weddings, black and white, or black and ivory, or neutral colors such as tans or grays are safe choices with any accent color under the rainbow. For a beach wedding, many brides choose shades of blue to go with the sky and the water and, again, an accent color for dramatic effect. A garden wedding perhaps allows for the most fun with colors. If there are no colorful flowers present the bride can make her own color splash with the attire. If there are flowers in bloom the garb will just add to the glory provided by nature. No matter what, the day is sure to be spectacular.