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Why We Don't Discount

Why we don't discount.

We do not sell to stores anymore.  Therefore, our markup is not the same as if we did.  We sell at the lowest price possible because after all, we are (mostly) mom's who think about tuition and lessons and braces and prefer to pass on savings to you in this way.  Please don't ask us for any discounts.  It makes us uncomfortable and we simply can not comply.

Why we don't discount. We have gotten rid of selective pricing in favor of transparent pricing. We questioned: Why have pricing that is false advertising? Instead, our pricing is clear, fair, public, consistent, and predictable.

What we believe in.  We want to hear "wow, your prices are fantastic". We offer a high quality, proudly Made in America product where we believe in the quality of the product and the best customer service experience.

What we give to our customers. We want people to see our dresses and say that they have never seen anything like it in the market place, and particularily at this price. We treat our customers all the same, whether it is one dress OR twenty two children in the wedding party. We guarantee you will return to our commitment of getting the best product out there that we can delivering a truly fantastic customer service experience. Just ask our incredibly loyal, repeat customers.  You can read their TESTMONIALS here.

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