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The Bling below can be added to your flower girl dress and in some instances, are included in a particular style.

Large Waist Medallion

LARGE WAIST BLING Medallion above is 10" long

INCLUDED in Style 934 and 982 ONLY however, you may add this to any dress for an additional $50


Thin Waist Bling

THIN WAIST BLING Rhinestones above is a repeat pattern

INCLUDED in Style 973 ONLY however, you may add this to any dressfor an additional $40


Small Rhinestone Medallion

SMALL WAIST MEDALLION BLING Medallion above is 4" long

INCLUDED in Style 494 and 983 ONLY however, you may request add this medallion for any dressfor an additional $25


Pearl and Rhinestone Trim

 PEARL AND RHINESTONE TRIM Itm is only 1/2" wide an is not to scale

INCLUDED in many styles including 931, 975, 982, 990, 991 and 993.  Other styles may be added from time to time,

Add this to your neckline +30, vback neckline +10 extra, or sleeves +20.

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