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Frequently Asked Questions

Pegeen Flower Girl Dress Company - Frequently Asked Questions

At PEGEEN Children's Formal Wear we are committed to making your day special. We take special pride in bringing all of our brides into our family. How do we do this? By listening to you and helping you decide the best style which would best compliment your gown or theme for your special day we feel this strong commitment to helping you has made us grow over the years. Our founder and head designer, Marg Hyland, literally feels like she is truly walking down the aisle with each and every one of our brides, solving crises and helping along the way. Although we are not perfect, we do special things for you like notifying you when your flower girl moms place the order therefore, we can take one more responsibility off your shoulders. More than anything, we LOVE what we are doing! You'll find the savings of going directly to the manufacturer even better than before!

If you are looking for a cheap flower girl dress, we don't use fabrics that are not up to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made and gorgeous outfit, then we are your designer. Pegeen® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in the USA in our own factory located just 1.5 miles from Disney World. Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.


"Walking Down the Aisle with Brides Since 1982!"

All orders are custom orders, sometimes with fabrics specifically ordered just for you.  Therefore orders are not subject to returns. Sizing issues usually are never a problem with us and that is why we send custom muslims for many customers.

Purchasing from us is a contract. Sales are made to order so check your invoice carefully as we are not responsible for and mistakes in your invoice. Please read your purchase carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us - you will find we are delightful to work with. You are responsible for mistakes in your order. By sending back your confirmation of your order, we will assume everything is correct and and once you do we can process your order!

Our Guarantee  All orders are custom orders, sometimes with fabrics specifically ordered just for you.  Therefore orders are not subject to returns. Sizing issues usually are never a problem with us and that is why we send custom muslims for many customers.  If you ordered something standard from our regular line and have a sizing issue we will fix or if too close to the occasion, we will pay resonable alteration fees up to $50. Each dress or outfit from Pegeen Flower Girl Dress Company is hand crafted locally, in the US, just a mile from Disney World.  All are made to order for each client, and as such, all sales are final once placed except for the 3 day cancellation policy described below.  Please note - colors and laces may change from season to season since they are carried over many years. Photos may vary from final product.

You are to read our terms and we will send you a confirmation as well as your order.  Yes, there is more legal mubo-jumo in our confirmations but sadly we have to spell it out quite specifically.  o read but you will find it helpful to learn about information regarding cancellations, weather delays and so forth. We assume you will read this before placing an order with us, however after your order is placed we will send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions. You will need to send us back that confirmation so we know that you did 4 important things: Checked sizing, check color, check style and most importantly, check your address and phone. If any of that is wrong on our invoice, you must notify us IMMEDIATELY as we are not responsible for wrong color, sizing, style and MOST importantly, your shipping address!

One of the most satisfying things we stand behind at Pegeen is that we guarantee the fit. For with over 35 years of experience brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the Flower Girl Dress business as well.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT OVERSEAS DELIVERIES: We do not assume any responsibility for international shipments and therefore no claims are allowed for any overseas orders. Measure carefully or jump on chat to discuss the how-tos with us.

What We Give Our Customers We do not sell to stores any more. Therefore, our mark-up is not the same as if we did. We sell at the lowest price possible because after all, we are (mostly) mom's who think about tuition and lessons and braces and prefer to pass on savings to you in this way. Please don't ask us for any discounts. It makes us uncomfortable and we simply can not comply.

What we believe in. We want to hear "wow, your prices are fantastic". We offer a high quality, proudly Made in America product where we believe in the quality of the product and the best customer service experience. Our sizing is fantastic, the fabrics that we use are REAL silk and not like many Chinese sites, (and sadly some American online stores) that claim: Here's one of our favorite "lies" posted on an online store: "SHANTUNG SILK Shantung can be created from a weave of silk or synthetic fibers. Even when made from synthetic fibers, shantung is a spectacular fabric. It has the look of silk but is a much less expensive option." WOW. What a line of.... well you know. Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The protein fiber of silk is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. The best-known silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. It is luxurious, it breathes, it's great for children's clothing, it's not scratchy (as one of the biggest lies we have see printed yet), it has beautiful hand and works extremely well in children's clothing. When you see museum pieces, do you see them in silk and cotton or polyester. Um, negative on polyester.

What we give to our customers. We want people to see our dresses and say, that they have never seen anything like it on the market place, and particularly at this price. We treat our customers all the same, whether it is one dress OR twenty two children in the wedding party. We guarantee you will return to our commitment of getting the best product out there that we can delivering a truly fantastic customer service experience. Just ask our incredibly loyal, repeat customers.

Payment & Cancellations We take only Master Card and Visa, Amex and Discover.

Cancellations of same day are free of charge up until 6pm.  Thereafter, cancellations are allowed at $50 per dress or outfit up to 3 days only.

Location and Hours Hours - Open from 8am to 11pm Everyday to take your calls or CHAT ! 407-928-2377 During Summer we are open until Midnight. SUMMER HOURS (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 9AM - MIDNIGHT We ship World Wide.

We are not distributors nor a store and sell online only! We are a US company, founded in 1982, and manufacture and design everything here in our own design studio and factory, located here in the USA in Orlando, FL approximately 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World and I-Drive. If you come to Orlando, call us to schedule a visit and we will gladly meet with you! OR Just let us know when you come to the parks, we are always excited to meet our friends and customers.

Privacy & Security All information that you give to us is seen only by authorized personnel solely for the purpose of order processing and confirmation. We do not keep your credit card information on file here and shred any personal information immediately. We may request that you send us images from your wedding for our Real Wedding and Testimonial Section and are shared with the permission of the brides/individual/ group and they own the rights to the photographs and may not be used by anyone for any purpose. We will place our logo on the photographs we use, and along with the photographers name when provided, so that these images are not "lifted" from us in accordance to the DMCA Copyright act which we will strictly enforce against piracy. Any information we obtain from you we guard like Fort Knox. You are welcome to sign up at our website to stay informed and may opt-out at any time. A 128 bit SSL encryption is used for all credit card and order communications. The result of this process is a safe and secure environment for transmitting credit card data over the internet.


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