2018 Wedding and Flower Girl Dress of the Year

We’re Delighted to Announce the Winner of Our ANNUAL WEDDING & FLOWER GIRL DRESS OF THE YEAR!

We were honored this year to have received an avalanche of submissions for our annual Wedding of the Year contest.  Each year it has been harder and harder to determine a winner. It seems that the photography gets better and better and that makes the job of choosing just one from among our very special brides a tough, but fun, task.

Everything about this wedding was simply gorgeous, from the fairy tale setting and the couple’s story to the exquisite flowers by Leonora Moss. Our bride chose two distinct styles but in shades of blue and gray silk. For the younger girl, she choose Style 702 from the Couture Collection

and for the 3 oldest Jr Bridesmaids she choose Style 356 from Pegeen Classics.

She complemented the flower girl dresses in Blue Ice and Platinum Silk by mixing and matching the colors of tulle. Multi colored tulle was used for smallest dress.  We think the colors couldn’t have gone better with the setting.

Photographer – Rae Marshal Photography

Flowers – “Leonora Moss” Sierra Madre, Ca.

Brides Dress – Panache’ Bridal Pasadena, Ca.

Grooms Tux – Men’s Warehouse

Location – The Villa Del Sol D’oro  Sierra Madre, CA.

We also chose an additional Platinum Wedding of the Year because it was just so beautiful we had to award it a place of honor.  Be sure to read all about it in the LINK HERE

Totally in love with this Black and Blue Tulle flower girl dress

One of our truly special moms, who has bought a number of flower girl dresses for her daughter Esti, celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of their son David.  Event was held at the Marine Park Jewish Community Center, Brooklyn.  The dress was designed using style 402 where we added longer, 3/4 sleeves, black sequins for the bodice and black and sapphire petals added to the skirt.

Black and Blue Tulle flower girl dress or Bat Mitzvah dress

Black and Blue Tulle flower girl dress or Bat Mitzvah dress Black and Blue Tulle flower girl dress or Bat Mitzvah dress

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Flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com are designed and made by us at our own U.S. factory. Although we sell exclusively online and ship world wide,  you can schedule a visit to our design studio if you are visiting Disney World.  Pegeen is located just 1.25 miles away, less than 5 minutes from the resorts. 407-928-2377 |  7 Days a Week, 9am to 11pm

Black and White Photography

From time to time our brides send us their black and white photography from their weddings but we are seldom as moved as we were by this wonderful work by Daniele Vertelli who is based out of Italy.  There were 9 flower girl dresses all together and almost all of them were given matching American Dolls with our doll dresses to match.

Photography danielevertelli.com

Flower girl dresses:  Pegeen Fairy Tale Collection – Style 911


Our vision began with making formal flower girl dresses and ring bearer outfits, but we have expanded our vision based on customer requests for designs that encompass all formal wear attire. We pride ourselves in making all different styles including age appropriate designs for all kinds of pageants. Every design is customizable to fit the colors, themes and needs of the pageant contestant. While wearing our uniquely designed dresses many of our customers/contestants came out on top and received awards for “best gown”, “best dressed”, or placing.


Disney Pageant “Under the Sea”

Disney Themed Pageant Dress (Tinker Bell)


Here are a few styles we suggest as well:


No matter the type of pageant your little princess is involved in, we have tens of thousands of different combinations of dress styles and colors to choose from, along with sleeve choices, Swarovski crystals, and many fine fabrics globally. Let us be your choice for a one of a kind, personal experience in designing your little girls dream dress.  Call us, we are open 7 days a week and ship all over the world since 1982.

Your Plus Size First Communion Dresses Have Amazing Fit

I like to think that unlike other companies, as a children’s wear clothing manufacturer, we get to know our customers very, very well, particularly when a child is plus sized. The mom is so frustrated walking into retailers or shopping online for a solution for her plus size child and then have her child be denigrated right in front of her. Many of these children end up having huge eating disorders because of peer bullying and we are particularly sensitive to the pain these children go through. Personally,  I remember the day I started my fight against anorexia and bulimia. I was an aspiring dancer and someone compared me to my tiny petite sister and there you go – issues for years.

Then I heard this from one of our moms: “Your Plus Size First Communion Dresses Have an Amazing Fit!!!!!  Thank you so much for making my little girl’s day!”
We hear many stories from moms who visit, for instance, large bridal apparel “box-store” types with the employees giving rather rude comments – the worst one, “Oh Gawd, we can’t fit HER type – maybe we should just put her in a women’s dress and cut it down”.  That was done right in the presence of the little girl.  The mom later told me, crying on the phone, how hurt her child was, crying all the way home and then some.

Just today I got super angry at such a story.  Are you serious, retailers? How would you feel if it were your child and someone gave that type of comment to your daughter?  One of the things that I like to explain on the phone to the mom is how for her to take measurements, then so we can talk freely, we ask the mom to have her daughter leave the room or call me back later so she doesn’t hear us talking about fit concerns and our solution.

We treat all of our customers with dignity AND make a pretty damn good dress for any client, regardless if they are in the need for a plus size dress or not.  Every dress we make can be done as a plus size style regardless of the style and we can make the dress fit perfectly too with what we call “A Bodice Fit”.  We had a customer once call it “Magic in a Box” and I believe it puts the right name to our special process of sending a bodice in the mail that after the customer’s child tries on, we scan it into our program visual system and make the correct adjustment.

Not all of these kids have the same body shape either. Some plus size kids carry their weight in their tummies, some in their shoulders and still others have a huge sway back.   Many of these children are sick and on steroids, others stressed because of a divorce, some are swimmers and even once customer was the daughter of an NFL lineman and we have had occasional girls who even have a height very similar to their chest size (like 46″ tall and a chest of 41″).   It’s usually genes and we can’t fight science Mom so rather than squeezing them into a size too small, or a women’s dress (as if they need darts) where the waistline is too low because they AREN’T full sized adults yet – why not turn to the experts in Plus Size flower girl dresses or communion dresses for your child. For a very small, nominal fee of just $30, we take the hassle out of the perfect fit. Call us. We love to help.

New Clara and Nutcracker Party Scene Dresses Now On Stage

Every year, I get my dance on and am thrilled working with ballet companies and dance students to create their costumes for the latest Nutcracker Season.  This year’s ballet collection is no exception to the many dresses that continue to excite me every day.  Here is a peek at some of the new ones this year.

One of the new styles below is for women in The Nutcracker and there is a way to lengthen or shorten the dresses from season to season.

Other styles (new and old) below and we are so excited to see them on stage!  See The Nutcracker Ballet near you to start the holidays!

Production images below courtesy of Norwalk Metropolitan Youth Ballet and next year I will be on a plane to Connecticut to see Mr. Adam’s production and staging and the great costumes that Christine pulled to the various suppliers, craftsmen and companies in addition to ours.

Below, a new style for the season, Nutcracker Party Scene dress style 718 with an organza overskirt and a battenburg lace collar.

Below, we made 16 different color combinations in style 701, modifying the back to be only buttons, for Columbia Figure Skating Club’s costumes for the party scene skaters for Nutcracker on Ice


Pretty in Pink Wedding featuring Pastel and Soft Flower Girl Dresses of the Month by Pegeen.com

I just loved this wedding that was held in Chatham, Ontario.  Photography by Denise Blommenstyn, also of Chatham.  I mean, we can’t get over that cake!

The bride chose flower girl dress style 402 from the Couture Collection by Pegeen.com with our special, Pegeen Signature Bustle and flowers.

Ballet pink silk and tulle flower girl dresses with Pegeen Signature Bustle

Be sure to see the complete wedding in our special section that features our favorite weddings of the month.

Just 10 Weeks Until Nutcracker Dress Rehersals! Are You Ready?

As a former dancer and with a Masters Degree in Dance and Theater Arts this is absolutely a fun time for me to be lucky enough to design some wonderful Nutcracker Dresses for Clara and the Party Scene.

We are also honored to design and make these Nutcracker Costumes for some really famous ballet companies and very sweet dancers who sit down and decide on their Clara dress because they got cast in the lead part!  So much fun for us and a diversion from our busy flower girl dress season!  Below, see some of our highlights!