A First Communion Dress for one very specially blessed little girl.

We are so lucky to have had a very special little girl visit us in our design studio –  just a mile down the road from Disney.  This little girl really made our day and since meeting her, we also made her birthday party dress in her favorite Disney Princess – Cinderella.Cinderella Disney Princess Dress for Special Needs girl

Her momma sent us photos from both the communion and her birthday party.  Thank you Mrs. B!

We fit her with one of our famous muslin fits which usually happens when we send a bodice fit to the plus sized child cross country so we don’t get to meet such special little girls often but wish we could because I felt truly blessed to meet her!  Anyhow she needed a plus size first communion dress as well as a plus size Disney Princess dress for her birthday.  For her party dress she choose her favorite Disney Princess, Cinderella.

Her plus size first communion dress turned out beautifully and her parents were very happy as it made this little girl feel like another princess for the day.   Pegeen is known for almost 40 years making flower girl dresses but as a specialty, Pegeen.com works with many plus size children of all ages and body shapes so that they can feel just as beautiful as any other child.

Petals and Leaves in Flower girl dresses

I ran to the cardiologist this week, reminded by the recent passing of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays to take better care of myself and to use my deductible too (clean slate thank God). While there, through 2 days of running tests and so forth, I had the opportunity to catch up on the best reading known to waiting rooms, PEOPLE MAGAZINE. (We have done a gaggle of celeb kids – Whitney Houston’s wedding, Jane Seymour’s kids, Ana Alicia’s wedding, and kids for Richard Dreyfuss, Mary Steenburgen and more!  View Pegeen Press)

Petal flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

Pegeen's Petal flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

I am always looking to see whether our Pegeen.com fashions are used by the Celebs, and they often are.   Continue reading →

Announcing our July Flower Girl Dresses of the Month!

Every month Pegeen.com highlights a new Wedding of the Month and Pegeen announces our pick for July, a beautiful black and white wedding, held at the Phoenix in Cincinnati with Photography by Neusa Ruhl.

Black & White tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

Pegeen's Black & White tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

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July 4th Celebrations

When you do a search for PATRIOTIC WEDDING THEME on  Google you come up with over 3.1 million hits.

Red & Ivory tulle Flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

Pegeen's Red & Ivory tulle Flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

I have said it before, I can’t get through the Star Spangle Banner without crying.  It could be at my kid’s sports or a dance recital, doesn’t matter…. I sob. I am proud of my country (unlike certain politicians out there that are hell bent on killing everything we stand for) but I am never more proud of our Military and for everything they do for each and every one of us. Continue reading →

Gold and Black – a new trend forthcoming

This week I sent two dresses to a customer of ours in St. Helena CA for a family wedding.  Both are to be worn by her daughter.  She sent me a wonderful compliment:

The dresses just arrived a little while ago and Lauren tried both of them on—they are absolutely stunning and fit PERFECTLY!!!  They far exceeded our expectations in quality and design.  You rock!!!  …. There is no reason why you can’t be making millions!  Your business is fabulous!

Light gold and black silk tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

Pegeen's Light gold and black silk tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

I was pretty happy with her kind words even though I know that everytime someone gets a package from us, the compliments are similar.  But I couldn’t help to think that while the gang at the factory was finishing up her dress that we needed in a hurry how many more GOLD (our color called WHEAT) and BLACK weddings that we were actually doing!  The factory bins seemed to be full of them!  Humm… new trend?

Pegeen Flower Girl Dress model of the Month….

Pegeen.com tiffany blue dress used for a Pageant

Pegeen.com tiffany blue silk dress used for a Pageant

I just named my first Pegeen Model of the Month, a sweet little girl who won a MAJOR title in the pageant world.  I was thrilled to help our Pegeen customer when she called about 6 weeks ago – “could I please make a dress for her daughter who was going to need a new dress for a pageant the following week?”  I thought she was so cut that we have asked her to do a shoot for us to be included in our front page of our Pegeen website!
In under 15 minutes, she and I were able to come up with what she felt would be perfect for her daughter’s entry. Imagine my joy when she wrote this week to say that her daughter got top awards in the National Pageant.  Now, this week, one of her friends called to ask for HER dress and this time gave us 4 days to send it out to her!  Will post soon!

Black and white weddings….

I am really falling more and more in love with black and white weddings.  This wedding pix we just received were STUNNING (more pix to come) but I just had to share this photo with you of this little toddler flower girl with her tulle dress.   Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!  I think the photographer ( Neysa Ruhl Photography) did a wonderful job and we will highlight her work soon!

Black and white tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com; photography by NeysaRuhl.com

Pegeen’s Black and white tulle flower girl dresses by Pegeen.com

Announcing the June Wedding of the Month

The June Bride. I suppose this month is traditional for brides but we also included with this traditional wedding, a tribute to the bride’s father’s reaction to her! Check the June wedding of the month for more pictures. The wedding this month was beautiful and the reception site too good to believe. Reception: St. Albans Country Club in St. Albans, Missouri WEBSITE Photographer: Jen Henneberry of Catch Light Park Photography of St. Louis, MO WEBSITE Florist: Wildflowers, owner Jane Winter, also of St. Louis, Missouri WEBSITE The dress style chosen was 398 in New Ivory silk with chocolate brown sashes. For her flower girl dresses, she chose matching Pegeen.com Style 398 in New Ivory and Sprite green.

Chocolate brown and ivory silk Jr. Bridesmaids Dresses by Pegeen.com

Pegeen’s Chocolate brown and ivory silk Jr. Bridesmaids Dresses by Pegeen.com