Flower Girl Dresses for the Summer

I love hot colors – the rich colors seem to compliment the summer colors that are available.  However, pink is the most popular color we do for our brides when choosing their flower girl dresses.  So, we thought, why not introduce an Ombre Jr. Bridesmaid’s dress into our collection and here – we do it in various shades of pink – from pale, Petal Pink to Shock Pink.  Photography by Christine Cornwell from KY.  You may also visit her blog at chriscornwellblog.com and see her delightful images of brides, days old infants and some beautiful engagements!!

Our latest style from the Pegeen Tween Collection is called Jr. Bridesmaids Style 932.

Hot Pink Ombre Jr Bridesmaids Dress


Ombre Jr Bridesmaids Dress in Pink Colors.

Pegeen makes flower girl dresses for the hard to fit child

Since one of our specialties is the Hard-To-Fit Child, we are very proud to be the kind of company that says we can do it – because its the gene pool that dictates complicated fits.  Sometimes too, we have children that have health issues and for some reason or another, take steroids which can complicate sizing.  Other times a child is super slender making her fit difficult for moms to find off-the-rack solutions for their daughter.

Sometimes, these children walk into stores with a clerk who says “oh, we don’t fit these kind of children – let’s look at the ladies dresses for her”.  I mean seriously?  Please someone tell me where that clerk’s daughter is so I can personally insult their child…. for life.

For PLUS SIZES we will send a Bodice in the mail which is made out of a muslin material. You will try on this pattern/muslin and get back to us with any further fit issues.  Be sure to have a digital camera ready when it arrives.  After the fit is finalized, we use our copy of the same muslin here and proceed to make your dress. “My staff and I are really good at spotting the problems. Once the digital pictures are sent back to us experience and a little programing magic, produces the changes that need to be made to the pattern. I really scare my kids sometimes when talking on the phone to customers. After they give me the measurements and height, I usually guess their weight within a pound or two. It amazes my kids but reassures the customer that we know what we are doing! I was especially happy when a recent customer said to me ‘ITS LIKE MAGIC IN A BOX’ and that pretty much says it right there.”

Throughout our website you will send plenty of photographs of children of all sizes and shapes.  Some, we describe as above, others just need a tiny adjustment like they are thick at the waist, more straight up and down.  Children like that we just widen the waist a bit, all at no charge.  For Pegeen is the champion of Plus Size flower girl dresses and girls that are hard to fit…. never pointing out the little girl to be the poster child of the hard-to-fit.  We hope to be your choice for your flower girl dress and our easy process for plus size children is more or less our mission because these girls need to feel  special and not ruin this special event for them.



Very Cool – I admit I’m a Taylor Swift fan….

I love Taylor Swift, not as much for her ability (well, not true, I think she is one of the great ones and coming from a very qualified musical family, that badge is tough to get from me), but because of her kind heart, generosity and down to earth goodness.

Recently, I sent 6 lovely dresses to PA for a wedding.  They were very nice and I loved how the bride mixed the colors because I know a bride put very careful thought into the use of color, so this one reminded me of sunsets.  However, having a child in school in Philadelphia, I know it was really another inside wedding as it’s been quite cold in the Northeast this winter.  Imagine my surprise when the photographs were published all over the wedding blogs yesterday – and two of my favorite things – Taylor Swift and a sunset photo (well almost) appeared on my desktop.  Yep, I was surprised to see Britany’s and Ben’s photographs whereby her best friend, Taylor, stood as her maid of honor.  Coming from a family of “meets” with famous musicians and bands (I won’t go into who, what, where or when although there was a time my brother talked us backstage at the Doobies Concert dropping a few names, but again, a different story and yep – Michael McDonald was VERY cute), I know how hard it sometimes is to act pretty natural around them so they feel as comfortable as the host but from the few conversations I had with Britany around the planning stage, this was one, very cool bride.  I wish her and all her family and all those brides we work with, all the stardom they deserve.  Here are the dresses she did.

Jr Bridesmaids Dresses used in Pink and Black and Gold wedding


Flower Girl Dress above, Pegeen Classic Style 301 and below, Jr Bridesmaid Dress Style 388 388-blush-brit-flower-girl-dresses


How we got into flower girl dresses in the first place

When I was a little girl of ten, my father and family joined this rather distinguished gentleman for a tour of Waterloo Village.  That day, while the owners of the village were asking for my father’s help in getting an exit on Route 80 so that more visitors to the village could happen, I fell in love with the history and story of how the village was founded and later taken care of by this man.  He was Perch Leach who I also found out that day was a cousin of Archibald Leach aka “Cary Grant” whom I adored in the movies.  So you can even picture what kind of man and charm he held for me.  Percy, who was to become a great family friend, shared his vision for the village with us and promised me that very day, after I asked, that I could get married there.  I saw that church and even younger than 10, I knew that I would marry in that church.

Waterloo Village Church


Waterloo Village held great memories for my family. We went likely hundreds of times to the Village of Waterloo/  It was there that my father was able to meet and play with his soon to be great friend, Benny Goodman, where I attended my first craft show as I launched my business in 1981, bought my first antique, was proposed to and my brother staged a wonderful midnight proposal as well for his wife.  My dreams came true that weekend.

Pegeen's flower girl dress makes the cover of Parade Magazine

When I was looking for some special dresses for my flower girls and the children attendants, I had trouble finding anything I loved.  SO I went about creating what later became my first flower girl collection.  I was fortunate enough to know quite a number of editors and invited a few to my wedding festivities.  After that weekend, I received a beautiful note from one of them who encouraged me to “get into the wedding business for kids” and at the next trade show, I introduced a nice collection of 10 dresses.  One of the stylist chose the same dress I used for my wedding for the cover of Parade Magazine! (above)  Each year Pegeen chooses its favorite weddings and flower girl dresses of the year and here, we present the wedding of our first model we ever used as a flower girl.   Now, 34 years later, I celebrate the wedding of one of my nieces who appears in the photo below, sitting on my dress.  Wedding covered HERE.

Flower girl dresses and ring bearer suits by Pegeen

In October of 2015, we joined my large family in Hunterdon County to attend the nuptials.  I was so impressed with her wedding and the work her father, my brother, had done to his home, preparing for and repairing some fixes to his home after damage from Hurricane Sandy.  Ironically, Jessica and Alan got married the same weekend as Hurricane Joaquin, one of the largest hurricanes to be predicted to hit New Jersey.  The wedding went off, relatively unscathed.  In fact it was one of the best backyard weddings I attended, ever.  Therefore, we decided to name the wedding our choice for the 2016 Back Yard Wedding of the Year.  Like my dream of getting married at Waterloo, I am sure that Jessica long dreamed of getting married at the only home she had ever know.  I saw this girl grow up and so many of my memories are also held at my brother’s home, family parties, Trick-Or-Treating, Hyland Family Reunions, camp outs and more.  It was in Tom’s backyard where my kids got their first chance to ride a tractor, my mom flew in a Balloon for her 70th, we had memorial baseball games for Uncle Johnny Malloy, my son hit his first home run, and chased after geese.  It is those important memories that we all like to bring to our weddings.  More complete coverage of the weddings are in the DETAILS HERE.  Enjoy!

Bride and father of the bride flower-girl-dresses-02 prep-01

2016 Backyard Wedding of the Year

2016 Backyard Wedding of the Year

Pegeen Announces the Winner of our Wedding/Flower Girl Dress of the Year 2016

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have chosen a winner of our yearly, Pegeen Wedding of the Year selection.  After all the many countless numbers of weddings our brides submitted, we were smitten with this wedding.  We were honored this year to be sent so many submissions for our annual Wedding of the Year contest.  Each year, this has been harder and harder to determine a winner.  It seems each year that the photography gets better and better and that makes the job of choosing just one or more of our very special brides tougher.

When I first started designing Morgan Sarver’s eight flower girl dresses, I was so excited because l was able to take design liberties after seeing the wedding gown that she was designing for herself.  You see Morgan, the owner of MorganSarver.com, is a wonderful couture designer of women’s evening wear.  It was funny when we started talking too because she showed me some of the images of her dress that her couturier seamstresses were working on and I remarked, that they reminded me of Ellie Saab and other Lebanese designers.  Not once did she mention that this was actually her own design. In fact, it was only by mere coincidence that I googled her name to locate parent’s address (for swatches to be mailed) did I discover that Morgan was the designer of this exquisite bridal gown! There is SO much more to this story and we do hope you visit our blog for more details on this very talented designer.  Two additional weddings were chosen because I can NEVER choose just one.  Be sure to read about all three lovely events. LINKS BELOW​

Flower Girl Dress of the Year

The wedding nuptials for Morgan and Stefano were held at the Villa Gamberaia in Settignano, Italy.   We ultimately designed a new flower girl dress style for her, called 911 which is now included in The Fairy Tale Collection.  We made these dresses in 8 colors of silk and multiple shades of tulle.  Each dress had hand sewn hydrangea petals with each center containing a colored Swarovski crystal.   The smaller girls each recieved a matching American Doll dress to match their outfit.

flower-girl-dresses-011 Flower Girl Dress of the Year Flower Girl Dress of the Year Flower Girl Dress of the Year Flower Girl Dress of the Year Flower Girl Dress of the Year Flower Girl Dress of the Year

Did you know, rain on your wedding day is said to bring you blessings?

We recently highlighted our September Wedding of the Month, pretty pink tulle and silk flower girl dresses, that was held in Fiji.  The bride got me thinking about something….. when the wedding started it had just begun to rain.  Just outside, waiting in the rain was the bride and her little toddler surrounded or rather covered, by a veil of umbrellas.  This was supposed to be good luck.  So I wondered:  Where did that traditional saying, that rain on your wedding day, was good luck?


The bride and groom, who were married in Fiji, were told “Fijians say it was a blessing from God”.   According to some legends, which comes from the Hindu religion, rain on your wedding day signifies fertility as rain waters the ground allowing things to grow.  But, its a wonder that many weddings do occur outside when the weather can be so unpredictable.  About 15 years ago, we moved to Florida at the same time, a cousin was married here.  When we moved, we were told that the chances of a hurricane going through Central Florida were like a MILLION TO ONE.  I should have placed a 3 Million dollar bet because there were 3 of them in just 10 weeks.  My cousin watched her wedding gown go out the roof of their home that summer too – in one of the tornadoes we had just north of town.  She got a lot of rain for her wedding (and a new gown the following day)…. she says she has been lucky in love and not to mention kids.  Her wedding, like so many in Central Florida, was planned for the outdoors during hurricane season no less, so they had a backup venue and ceremony in a hotel.  So outside weddings though thought to be cheaper, can be twice as much since you have to plan for the chance of bad weather.

Years ago, 35 in fact, my brother got married in a horrible sleet and ice storm in Staten Island.  I think he passed his luck onto his daughter who married a few weeks ago in my brother’s backyard with the week prior’s realization that they were dead center for the most recent hurricane to hit the East coast.  We flew in early because we were worried about the storm and it gave us the chance to see our son at UPenn an extra day.  In reality, Jessica and Alan were really lucky – there was so much rain on Thursday just prior, that the largest hit of the rains came just after they set up larger tents.   They had three – one ceremony, one service and this GI-normous tent for the reception.  (I am pretty sure my brother hired some guys from the circus because it was so large).  It definitely was a smart move because it help ensure that the ground was pretty dry considering.  Luckier still, as many know, the storm suddenly veered off to the east and once again, the North East missed a major storm.  I was amazed at the week before the wedding how calm Jessica was – actually making for some fun in the thought of this massive storm about to hit.  They never planned for a change and I have to admit, with each howl of the wind and huge movement of the tent, it still stayed pretty dry.  My brother had no backup plan so it was amazing how well everyone’s prayers worked for them although there was lots of wind and some rain, it wasn’t the torrent we had on Thursday and Friday.

My brother is this awesome builder and with the help of his best man from his wedding and another daughter’s significant other, took two years putting on an addition and remodeled his house for the event.  They also built a massive arbor to set the backdrop for the ceremony as they were married at the only home she knew.  I had an awful seat with a pole but surprisingly, there was no need to tent the arbor…. the sky, rain and Hurricane Joaquin, although ominous,  cooperated.  I don’t think it will matter for Jess… she will be blessed with her own luck.  And Tom, as sad as you were to lose all those pine trees during Hurricane Sandy, it really made for a terrific vista for their wedding!!



Peacock Silk Flower Girl Dresses

Each week, we highlight a flower girl dress that we can’t wait to feature. This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses from The Couture Collection, style 402. She added a 1/4 Cap Sleeve +15 and had us layer the skirt in colors to match peacock feathers. This dress was for a customer that we made several dresses for in the past – and for the older sister we made a slight variation with 3/4 sleeves as it was for a Jewish Wedding requiring more conservative sleeves. Both sisters had their dresses layered with multiple layers of tulle in shades seen on a peacock – every time they moved – the colors displayed a new color shade. That extra charge was just $50.


402-peacock-flowergirl-dress 402-peacock-qtr-cap-sleeves-fg-dress-back 402-peacock-qtr-cap-sleeves

402-peacock-flower-girl-dresses Peacock Themed Flower Girl Dresses

Silk and tulle flower girl dresses with gold and pink Swarovski Crystals

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses from The Royal Collection called Princess Daniella.  This dress was made for a very special family and they will understand the name – and I personally am very proud of all the members in this family – they are great Americans.  The dress style is 695, and includes everything you see.  Our customer chose ballet pink for the sash and a champagne pink base.  This special flower girl dress is covered with multi layers of pink and blush tulle, plus a top layer of ivory tulle with gold metallic flakes. The bodice was completely covered in Swarovski Crystals in the same color of pink but interspersed with gold metallic Swarovski Crystals.  In the back, was added a back flower to match and Swarovski buttons.  All of these things are included in the price.


Silk and tulle flower girl dresses with Swarovski Crystals

Royal Collection Flower Girl Dresses by Pegeen 695-pink-flower-girl-dress-back-detail

See our latest addition to The Regal Collection of Flower Girl Dresses

Our newest addition to The Regal Collection was inspired by the sweet baby princess and Princess Kate’s flower girl dresses at her wedding.  This newest addition to the collection is called Charlotte.


698 Champagne Pink Silk and Aloncon Lace - The Princess Charlotte

698 Champagne Pink Silk and Aloncon Lace – The Princess Charlotte


Each week, we highlight a flower girl dress that we can’t wait to feature.  This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 698 which is part of our Regal Collection and made in honor of the birth of Princess Charlotte.  The Charlotte from the Regal Collection has a pleated gore circle skirt designed after the skirt from the flower girl dresses in Prncess Kate and Prince William’s wedding. It’s bodice is covered with pearl, sequin and crystal encrusted on the French Aloncon rembroidered lace.  The dress has a V-Back, a bustle and real silk flowers.

REALLY Pretty pink and ivory tulle flower girl dress of the week

I suppose, after 30+ years of making flower girl dresses, it would be hard to name a favorite one, but this time, our latest Flower Girl Dress of the Week TOPS my list of all time favorites.  Perhaps because the bodice is made with Dotted Swiss Cotton which is a throwback to my days as a child, or maybe just the delightful color mix of Gumdrop and Creme – or just trimming the dress with my favorite all time real silk rose made from Habot Silk and hand crafted in Taiwan, where I think the best flower makers are, but this dress gets me every time, right in the heart with love.

Flower girl dress of the week

Tulle and silk flower girl dress by Pegeen

This customer chose to base her flower girl dresses on style 402 and  used gumdrop for the skirt and added an ivory and pink Dotted Swiss cotton +20 and a Trailing Rose +35. She layered the colors for the extra charge of $50 to match the exact color. Below are a few more variations.

Style 402 in grass green and pink shockStyle 402 in grass green and pink shock  Style 402 in ivory and eurolilac silk and tulle Style 402 in grass green and pink gumdrop 407-raspberry