My Day withTinkerbell, Disney through the eyes of a 2-Year-Old

Well, my weekend was complete.  Not only did I have the enormous pleasure of seeing one of my nieces for the very first time….

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Belle Infant Toddler Dress - Pegeen Style 804

But, surprise, surprise ANOTHER nephew and niece came to visit with their daughter as a last minute surprise so naturally she had to have a Tinkerbell Dress!  Her mommy bought her the Tinkerbell light up heels and thank goodness she did because I forgot how crazy it was to run after a 2 year old.  I was really pleased seeing Disney visitors asking and pointing “where did you get that dress”?  So proud!!

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Tinkerbell Infant and Toddler Fairytale Dress tinkerbell2



Getting ready to meet our Niece at her First Disney Visit!

My husband and I are pretty excited to be meeting our 6 month old niece for the first time.  We almost had a peek several months ago, but the East Coast, as typically in winter, decided a snow storm was in order.  Therefore, we did a college-age student drop off in Philly and decided to forgo a could-be harrowing visit to South Jersey.  But anyhow, I digress.

Back to MY FIRST VISIT.  So this little butterball of cuteness (yes – we droll over every photograph available) has to have a wardrobe of appropriate Princess Dresses, right?  Where else to start but Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell infant dress
So then, we know, just by working here a mile from Disney World, that the Live Action Beauty and The Beast Movie is just about the biggest thing EVER – well, at least for me it is. So here is our Belle day dress for our new 6 month old niece.
Finally, we know that Belle needs to have THE DRESS and what better dress that one with gold, Swarovski Crystals on the bodice?
Belle Infant Dress


Spa Blue & Gray – Soft, Calming Flower Girl Dress Colors

These past few weeks, we are back to the factory after a three week stay-cation where many of our employees were actually able to stay and visit the parks (Disney World and Universal), well most of our workers did. To those of us who were not so lucky but happy to see them grow, some of us had to drop our kids off at college (boo who) – including me who dropped off my young adult and noticed, wow, no longer a child.  Big difference between 18 and 21, I will tell you.  Still as tough letting them go.

We have been back in the groove however and I have been less lazy about posting some of our latest creations that we love to show you. So, indulge me when I say we did A LOT of wonderful Nutcracker Dresses and I have included them in some later posts. However, one of the dresses that we were dying to see finished was this lovely Cinderella sash in Spa Blue (can I have that on my wall please) flower girl dress with tons of tulle and platinum gray silk. She chose style 402 from The Pegeen Couture Collection.

However, our customer made a small change and asked us to add a back bustle with silk flowers. We absolutely loved the result. Flower girl dresses by Pegeen are designed and made by us at our own U.S. factory. Although we sell exclusively online and ship world wide, you can schedule a visit to our design studio if you are visiting Disney World. Pegeen is located just 1.25 miles away, less than 5 minutes from the resorts.

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402 Platinum and Spa Blu Custom Silk Flower Girl Dress







Planning Your Wedding with Your Stepchildren

A recent bride asked my opinion, as a company with great experience with dressing children for weddings what she could do to make her soon to be step-daughter, who was going to be 9 years old at the time of the wedding, a bit happier about the upcoming nuptials.  Knowing that many children are sometimes torn between the family she has known and what is about to be, I wanted to see if I could help them decide what the best thing to wear for her young lady-to-be.   These older girls, usually Jr. Bridesmaids, have strong opinions about what they should wear and also their role in their about-to-be new family.

Jr Bridesmaids Dress

There are so many emotions tied up in wedding planning for new families about to form.  Sadly too, the first wife doesn’t have the best interest of the child in mind and can make it unpleasant for the child, almost sabotaging matters, and deliberately uncooperative with important preparations like proper measurements for the child.

But, thankfully, this is many times not true and your job as the step mom to be is to help make life easier so what better time than to ask the child to help participate in the responsibilities of planning your wedding?!  You may find this is an easy time to bond since so much of the decisions that have to be made are also a great way in finding out what her likes and dislikes are.  A trip together to the florist may show that she has an affinity for organization or a particular color preference.  Likewise, a planning trip with your bridal consultant can make for interesting conversation and help the children become active participants in the wedding.
Jr Bridesmaids
About a year ago, I had one new step-mom to be call me, almost in a whisper, deciding what dress she should be wearing as a flower girl in her wedding.  After about 10 minutes of conversation with the bride, I asked her whether her fiancé’s daughter could get on the phone with me.  For about 15 minutes, after I found out from the girl that the color in her parents wedding was the same the bride was considering and about 20 other things that was getting in the way of this little girls future with her step-mom to be, I then got back on the phone with the bride, who was of course listening all the time to the little girl.  Ella, my bride was so happy that I took the time to talk to the two of them and most importantly was able to hear what her new step-child was worried about – some of the concerns were over my head of course but after I got off the phone with the two of them I felt, in some small way, that I was able to facilitate some better communication between the two.

Weeks later, with a similar scenario, I felt more comfortable suggesting to the mom to be, this time sans the conversation with the child, that all her new step child needed was to feel like she had a say and some contribution to the wedding of her father.  Silly as it may have sounded, I suggested to the bride that perhaps let this 14 year old walk down the aisle with her dad because after all, she was about to give away her father to a new family as well.

I don’t remember after all this conversation exactly what was chosen for these children’s wedding attire but I did feel that I was able to play a small part in helping to make these girls feel better about their new families.

Princesses and Footballs – Flower Girl Dresses for a Father-Daughter Dance

Seven days from now we celebrate that national holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday.  Most people will gather in sports bars and living rooms with plenty of family, friends and food to watch the big game.  But the special young ladies who will be wearing these dresses on the eve of the Super Bowl will be spending their big day at a Father – Daughter dance with their Dad, an avid fan of a horse of a different color.  We made these dresses for two young sisters whose family lives in Seattle and are huge fans of the Seahawks NFL team.  One of the nice things about making each dress to order in our own factory is that special dresses like these are possible, and even if I don’t understand fan enthusiasm, it’s pretty cool to have the girls involved in their daddy’s favorite team like this.

NFL Flower Girl Dress

This is not the first Father-Daughter dance that we made dresses for this customer.  Last year, we made two Cinderella Princess style dresses for her daughters.  However, we had a lot of fun this time making their dresses, though at first we were pretty dubious about how these little mini-me fans would like their dresses.  Their mom chose Pegeen Couture Style 402 in the Seahawks team colors of navy blue, gray and bright apple green.  Our matching colors made the girls feel right at home just like the 12th man, the famous nickname for the fans.  Our customer wanted embroidered footballs on the skirt and we stitched each one of them by hand on the top tulle layer.  I admit, having boys, this was a little different for me to understand HOWEVER I live with a bunch of Dallas Cowboy fans so I understand that wearing their Sunday Cowboy jerseys are pretty important (now that they aren’t “Forever 8 and 8″).  I wonder, should I use these extra football patches too?  Anyhow, the mom received their dresses today for next Saturday’s big event and we look forward to getting their professional photographs.  I still don’t “get” the enthusiasm for football, but I am sure I am not the only wife who loves those 4 extra hours, all to myself, each weekend during the NFL season.

NFL Flower Girl Dress


Someone Couldn’t Wait to try on her Princess Kate Flower Girl Dress

I love days like this…. our little “model” who visited us from Brazil in our Design Studio near Disney World in Orlando couldn’t wait to try on her flower girl dress!!

It was sweet to see her twirl around in this lovely pure silk, gored skirt in New Ivory.  We hope to see the images from the wedding soon!

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Princess Kate Styled Silk Flower Girl Dress


PRINCESS KATE from the Regal Collection Style 601 Princess Kate is the only Cotillion or Flower girl dress with a Gored Skirt, Covered Buttons, multi pleated Royal Wedding sash, gored skirt, and Nottingham lace trim on sleeves, neck and bottom of flared skirt, closely sewn Covered Buttons in 200+ colors. Dress has a circle, bias cut, pleated skirt with a tiny front pleated cummerbund and pre-tied bow in the back with a pleated sash that is sewn into the skirt, with over 18 silk covered buttons. All of our skirt lengths are ballet length, meaning just three or four inches above the ankle which can be customized as well. Puff sleeves trimmed with covered buttons and lace, other options available such as longer sleeves or flowers at a slightly higher price. See options below. Available from Infant through Plus Sizes, attached crinoline/petticoat and lined with silk.

Another Nutcracker Production Ready to go to the Stage

This weekend, a very happy “Clara” will be dancing in the Gulf Coast Ballet Theater’s production of The Nutcracker Ballet in her new costume for the party scene.  We were really happy that this young dancer chose one of our favorite colors – Deep Sea turquoise and light Pond blue for her sash.  She chose style 726 from The Nutcracker Collection.

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However, our customer made a small change and asked us to add lace to the neck, hemline and sleeves instead of a contrasting trim.  We absolutely loved the result.  Flower girl dresses by Pegeen are designed and made by us at our own U.S. factory. Although we sell exclusively online and ship world wide,  you can schedule a visit to our design studio if you are visiting Disney World.  Pegeen is located just 1.25 miles away, less than 5 minutes from the resorts.

Nutcracker Party Scene Dresses for Clara Style 726 in turquoise nutcracker-dress-005

Nutcracker Party Scene Dresses for Clara Style 726 in turquoise

White 1st Communion Dresses for 2017 with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

We been working furiously on our First Holy Communion Dresses for 2017 – and here are a few more. First Communion Dress Style 983 by is COVERED with Swarovski crystals and a rhinestone medallion. The bodice an skirt for Style 982 is covered in pearls and pink tucks and also trimmed with a larger rhinestone belt and rhinestone skirt trim. Finally, the last on this post is the rather plain but beautiful 1st Communion Dress in silk with a pleated or gored skirt. As always, all the communion dresses come in Plus Sizes for the hard to fit girl and this dress is actually available in colors as well and your choice of sleeves.

WE finished a few more dresses this month for our First Communion Collection for 2017 and we believe that this coming season will again be a lovely combination of bling and glamour.

Please remember, all First Communion Dresses are on a first come basis for churches as we want only one of each dress style per church so no child wears the same dress.  Also – see our First Communion Board for Pinterest – we think they have some really special dresses AND ideas from some of our customers.

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983 Swarovski white communion dress

Above Style 983 White 1st Communion Dress with Swarovski Crystals

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Above Style 982 White 1st Communion Dress with Pearls and Rhinestones

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Above Style 992 White Silk 1st Communion Dress with skirt pleats

Wedding of the Year Featured in Bridal Guide

Thanks to the lovely Editor-In-Chief, Diane Forden of Bridal Guide for coverage of our Wedding of the Year for 2016 and featuring our flower girl dresses we designed for the bride’s wedding.  The flower girl dresses were part of the Fairy Tale Collection by and this was called style 911 ~The Earth Fairy flower girl dress which is part of the Fairy Tale Collection, with small flowers on the multi layered colored tulle skirt and Swarovski crystals, shown in 9 different shades of tulle and silk. Real Swarovski Crystals surround the hydrangea flowers, tulle and ballet neckline. Silk flower petals in the skirt and large self-tie sash. Includes short sleeves or sleeveless tank, other options available such as longer sleeves or flowers at a slightly higher price.

Pegeen's Flower Girl Dresses appeared in Bridal Guide

Pegeen’s Flower Girl Dresses appeared in Bridal Guide

This yea’s Wedding of the Year featured the most magnificent wedding gown our staff had seen in a long time and it was designed by the bride herself, Morgan Saver.

It was our head designer’s idea to incorporate the idea of Morgan’s gowns embroidery into the flower girl dresses yet keep the cost in line so we chose various colors of hydrangea petals and Swarovski Crystals in coordinating colors.  Once Morgan chose the color pallet, Marg set to work to create what she still feels is one of the most beautiful flower girl dresses created thus far. Each shade of silk had a tulle skirt with no less that 4 different colors in it so that every time the flower girl moved, the colors in the skirt changed.  Each dress, with all of it’s hand work, took over a day to make however that was noting like the weeks that the wedding gown designed by the bride took – as Italian based seamstresses took several months to do all the handwork on Morgan’s wedding gown.  We were really proud to collaborate with this fantastic and creative fashion designer.



Visiting Disney World? Come pick out your Princess Flower Girl Dress

Just a reminder – if you are visiting Orlando, we are located just minutes away and 1.25 miles from Disney World and we would love to see you to help design your princess styled flower girl dress. Our flower girl dresses are available in 200+ colors in over 150 styles from infants through plus sizes. We would love to help!  Shown below: Champagne flower girl dress with Swarovski crystals from the Pegeen Fairy Tale Collection, Style 904.
Champagne flower girl dress with Swarovski crystals