See this beautiful Lebanese Inspired Juniors Gown

As a designer, I have few things that excite me – beautiful fabrics are one of them, especially beaded and embroidered laces. I have long wished I would have the place to go and the money to buy one of those magnificent creations made by Elie Saab, just to name one of my favorite designers.  Inspired by some of the greatest Lebanese designers and fabrics, we were asked to do a similar gown for a mom who will be having a special First Communion party for her daughter.  (We did that gown too but won’t show it until the event!)  Imagine too what this material would look like in a flower girl dress or a Bat Mitzvah dress.  What a pleasure to work with our customer!

This was really one of the most challenging things I did because we had to fit our mom from afar and we did a really great job 0 in fact we were only off on the hips and bust during the first fitting because the person who did her measurements up north di the first set wrong.  But, after the muslin set came back to us we were able to make the pattern and then finally, the dress.  We are going to be SO excited to see our mom in her beautiful lace and embroidered gown.

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