Trends for 2015 in Flower Girl Dresses – Anything but a White Dress!

I sometimes laugh when I hear about trends for flower girl dresses – its like a man’s suit – single breasted, double breasted – I mean really not that much more.  For children though there are subtle changes from year to year.  For instance, when Pegeen first made flower girl dresses, they were relatively short – like knee length.  Ditto for communion dresses and really, that trend stuck around for quite sometime.  Then, there was a strong influence from European lines that brought to the market sophistication.  All one has to do is think of Sally (the daughter) in Mad Men and think when we were first introduced to that character.  Baby boomers.  We sure screwed up fashion, didn’t we.  In the 1980′s when I was married, the influence was all about Princess Diana.  Though I read Her Majesty and other similar magazines from England, I know the population here wasn’t as used to seeing little bridesmaids (their name for children in a wedding) in some really fancy duds (sailor and military suits for boys, and fancy lace dresses for girls).  Thus began my love affair with children’s fashion in the 1960′s.

Victorian Style Silk Flower Girl Dress by

It’s funny though, one of the dresses I created in 1985 (for my cousin’s wedding) is still as popular today as it was then… a Victorian style silk flower girl dress (style 397) from the Pegeen Classics.  Very British.

By the time Pegeen got going in the children’s bridal industry, we were one of the first children-only companies specializing in children’s bridal clothing.  Length of dresses became longer, though not floor length and Pegeen started saying “anything but a white dress”.  But within the past five years, that has gotten to be the trend – colorful dresses in multiple shades so as not to compete with the bride in her ivory – and I say ivory because we still see more brides wear ivory than white.  The image below captures just some of the flower girl dresses and ring bearer suits in anything but white!  See our gallery we call Weddings by Color for lots of ideas!  From infants through plus sizes. Flower Girl Dresses and Pageboy Suits in over 200+ colors of silk