Design your custom flower girl dress in our Pegeen Dress Dreamer

Our company always strives to use the latest web innovations and we developed a fun way to create your own flower girl dress online much in the same way you can customize a car.  Today we announce that we have added a new section of “bling” that you can drag and drop to your custom flower girl dress then get an instant update on pricing. “We have created a very practical and simplistic approach in order to sell our custom designed clothing in the easiest and most forthright presentation so that customers can now buy our dresses at Direct-from-Manufacturers pricing. This includes custom bodice fitting, guaranteed sizing, virtually any color combination a bride or mom can think of, and easy, fast delivery right to their doorsteps in record time. We produce everything in our own factory here in the US and we are very proud of it. Our success rate is fantastic and 100% – we know it by the amount of referral and repeat business we do! Imagine, customers who were once wearing our dresses as flower girls themselves are now ordering for their children.

By using our exclusive Pegeen Dress Dreamer, we have made it rather easy for a bride to create an exquisite look for the children in your wedding.  For now, we only have the ability to custom design your flower girl dress however sometime in the future, we will add a separate area to create your own ring bearer suit.


Our customers love it, saying: “If you were traded publicly, I would buy stock” and most recently, “I swear, you must have elves in your factory! How you made these dresses and delivered them so quickly – you have exceeded my expectations” and “You are a rock-star”. Pegeen’s customer loyalty is apparent by viewing their ever-changing Testimony Page.

Visit our Pegeen Dress Dreamer to create your own custom dress in over two hundred colors which works out to over 2 billion possible combinations of skirts, bodices, sleeves and of course our newly added “bling” sections.

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