Pretty First Communion Dress for a Plus Size Girl – treated with Dignity

When we receive a call from a frantic mom still searching for a dress late in the season for a plus size First Communion dress for her daughter, we are still here to help, even late in the season.

Such a mom called us maybe 3 weeks ago, and we made one of the loveliest dresses and we were happy to receive her review today.  But something more rewarding for us than praise was in creating something for this lovely little girl.  Apart from the privilege to help design a dress, this the little girl was so worried they wouldn’t be able to find a dress for her to be receiving one of the holiest of sacraments for Roman Catholics.  You see, this little girl, with a 35” chest and was the lucky recipient of a transplant.  This meant she was also on steroids making her face and body swell. In any event, she chose Style 970 from the Heavenly White Communion Dresses, with silk, Swarovski crystals, appliqued flowers, tulle and organza.

When she felt better and the doctors gave her the ok to go out in public to shop for her Communion dress, her mom Audrey had dreamed of a special shopping day with her daughter and a trip afterwards to the American Doll store.  Her mom took her to that big box store of a bridal store chain and no sooner then they stepped in the store, the clerk spoke to the mom and said “Oh, we can’t serve her kind here”.  IN FRONT OF THE LITTLE GIRL!!!  Can you imagine a little 8 year old hearing a sentence like that out of some random sales clerk?  When we told the customer that we, like her, were disgusted by that remark, the mom went on to tell us that while looking for a flower girl dress for her plus size daughter a month earlier, when she first went on steroids. she got a similar remark from a local bridal shop.

Then today, as we sat down to write this blog post, a new mom looking for a First Communion and an Easter dress, also for her daughter on anti-rejection medication complained that she went the the same chain where the sales clerk tapped her on her shoulder to say they wouldn’t be able to help.  Could you imagine?  Her life is one day at a time enough as it is with her daughter’s illness that she needs to be trampled on by some insensitive sales clerk. The new customer (from today) and I discussed this to some depth. She ended with my favorite line about karma.  All I could think of after our phone conversation was how easy it would be for store clerks to be like the Macy’s Santa in “Miracle on 34th Street” – you remember – he recommends to go to Gimbel’s down the block.

Woah! Shame on you these bridal stores for their insensitive remarks. And you wonder why stores like this go out of business!!  Lack of compassion yes, but what about arming your sales clerks with some couth and maybe the name of a few vendors who specialize in plus size clothing for children!

Well, fast forward 6 days and our customer, now with her new First Communion dress in hand wrote us today “Tears of joy ran down my daughter’s face.  Thank you for a darling dress, your help throughout the process and one of the most magnificent pieces of workmanship I have seen in my lifetime. To hell with that (big box) bridal store chain.  They should be ashamed of themselves.” has a special way of treating all special fit and plus size girls for communion, flower girl and Bat Mitzvah dresses.  Call us or chat, 7 days a week, from 8am to 11pm EST at 407-928-2377 Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.



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