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Meet the Designer, Marg Hyland

An Innovative Businesswoman, Marg Makes Online Shopping A Snap for Her Customers Marg has been designing clothing and running Pegeen for thirty-five years and according to a recent editor also a customer “she really knows her stuff”. Marg has seen markets and fashions change, companies, magazines, trade shows, colors and styles come and go, and her customers benefit from her experience. Mothers and Brides-to-Be often call and ask for advice and Marg is all to happy to oblige. has their phones on from 8am until 11 pm (Summers until midnight) and, if they are out of the office, they forward all calls to someone’s cell phone who can answer the calls. Her commitment to customer service is such that she will spend as much time on the phone as an anxious customer needs, including helping them to navigate their computer if they are novice users. “We are a family run business with family friendly schedules because, after all, we work in the children’s business”, Hyland is quoted as saying. Her creativity and experience in the children’s wear industry have made it rather easy for a bride to create an exquisite look for the children in her wedding.

PEGEEN.COM offers a guaranteed fit by sending the customer a “try-on” bodice made according to the child’s measurements before the actual dress is sewn. This “tailor-made from a distance” approach eliminates any guesswork as to whether the dress will fit properly. The company also offers fabric swatches for more than 200 in-stock colors of silk choices.

Pegeen’s tag line “We Care About Your Day” is truly indicative of Marg’s approach, treating each and every customer as if she were her own sister or daughter and sharing in the excitement of planning the big day. Customers appreciate this kind of dialog and it helps make every day fresh and stimulating for Marg and the staff, keeping the creative juices flowing which manifest themselves in the 100 styles for boys and girls in the PEGEEN line, all available in 200+ colors.. Along with Jim Frank, her business manager, partner and husband of more than 30 years, Marg continues to reflect their love of tradition and the belief that children should look like children and not smaller versions of grown-ups.

This basic styling philosophy has served the company well for the past 30 years and will hopefully continue into the future. “We produce everything in our own factory here in the US, located in Orlando FL (the happy place) and we are very proud of it. Our success rate is fantastic – we know it by the amount of referral and repeat business we do. Imagine, customers who were once wearing our dresses as flower girls themselves are now ordering for their children! ” said Hyland.

In 2017, Pegeen celebrates 35 Years in Business. Pegeen will be launching their new mobile-ready website in just a few weeks as well as their annual Flower Girl Dress of the Year. Along with these two very special events, Marg and her partner Jim will be expanding their new website about Home, Life, Work and Love,, which includes their experiences working together as a couple in business and will include many industry experts.

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