Flower girl dresses can be used for Clara and Nutcracker Costumes

It has long been a tradition for us to turn our sewing factory over to making ballet costumes at the end of the year in time for The Nutcracker Production.  Many of our flower girl dresses have been adapted (even wider widths than our normal, full skirts) by making the dresses in shorter lengths and a puffier sleeve.  Quite a few ballet companies also ask us to make an adjustable back so that our Nutcracker Costumes can go from year to year with various children by adjusting an extra 2″ per chest.  And the colors!  Remember, we make our Nutcracker Dresses in 200+ luxurious colors of pure silk.  Why?  Because silk looks so beautiful from the stage and was a typical fabric to the period that The Nutcracker Ballet takes place.  We also show some of the boys costumes we have made which, although the shirt is atypical for ring bearer suits, they have been adapted for the boys costumes in The Nutcracker.  Lastly, we have even made Nutcracker Costumes for ice skating when they put on Nutcracker On Ice!

Here are some photos from this past season.  Enjoy!

Above, Ring Bearer Style 599 used for the boy’s Nutcracker Costumes and on the right, Ring Bearer Style 597 and below, the next two photographs.

And although the soldier costumes are not ours, we also make Nutcracker Soldier costumes.

The sweet flower girl dress style 409 above was also used as a Nutcracker Costume

Above, the ice skating dancers used Nutcracker Costume Style 701 for their Nutcracker dresses.  All together there were over 30 ice skaters!  Style 700 is really an adaptation of flower girl dress style 345 adapted with larger, puffle sleeves and an adjustable back.  It is priced accordingly because they are made so wide.

Above is a dress for Clara, a beautiful dress in cotton eyelet, lined in silk and accented with a silk sash. Clara’s Nutcracker Dress style 776.

Also appearing in the background are boys styles used for the Nutcracker Costume, Style 576 and the girls are wearing Nutcracker Dress Costume Style 701 (background)

Above and below, the red silk dress has matching pantaloons and the red silk dress is made for Clara’s Nutcracker Costume Style 745 and we added a more elaborate lace to the sleeve to help her stand out.  The periwinkle Nutcracker dress (below) and the blue Nutcracker Costume are also Style 745 above

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