How can I make children feel special in my wedding?

I often get many moms call me and tell me of their family dynamics – usually involving step-children.  Sometimes, they confess feeling a bit disjointed from the step-child to be or other times they just want their children to be involved in the wedding in a special way.  I suppose that is the hardest thing.  I personally can vouch for feelings that get hurt when planning weddings so you want to keep it as complication free as possible, but how to do that?

There is no one answer.  My opinion will always fall on including the child whenever possible.  I think they need to be involved as much as age-appropriateness dictate that they can be.  Don’t ask other people’s opinions – do what you feel is right for your new family! Then, if you have one, run it by your Wedding Planner for other suggestions.

Decorating the desert table is a great way to get families involved.

I have heard so many stories from many hundreds of brides.  Often the difficulties arise from the age spread of the flower girls and the junior bridesmaids. The flower girl dresses and the junior bridesmaid dresses need to complement each other. Girls who are not old enough to wear a junior dress will often complain that a little girl’s dress is not sophisticated enough for her, that it’s too “babyish”.  This situation can seem daunting to a bride who is dealing with a hundred issues in planning her wedding, which is why Pegeen prioritized it in planning its coordinated flower girl dress and junior bridesmaids dress lines.

These Jr Bridesmaids and blended siblings created their dress in our Pegeen Dress Dreamer

A couple of my brides have commented that even working with their step-pre-teenager-to-be on our Pegeen Dress Dreamer has had good results because they can design absolutely what THEY want instead.  Its not for me to say but just listen to them – they have ideas that should count as well.

Activities table for children at your wedding are also a good idea.

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