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Watters and Watters FLOWER GIRL DRESSES l Cross Reference Chart | Pegeen

Here are the color matches for brides who had Bridesmaids from Watters and Watters and chose our flower girl dresses by PEGEEN to match. By all means, the list is not complete and we are sure there are other colors we can match with our silks. The is is constantly growing as we get that information from BRIDES. For other companies, click LEFT below

We always appreciate your input so if you find we do a color that matches after you receive our swatches, please email us us so we can update our list for the next bride! Please feel free to mail your swatch to us so we can better look at it! Some colors will incur the SPECIAL COLOR MATCH FEE. Should none of these colors work for you, we are happy to match silk colors only $20 more per each dress.
Their color Our SILK color Comments
Expresso Brown Lace
Blends - compliments
Adriatic Adriatic Matches perfectly
Garnet Cranberry An exact match!
Vapor Foam Blends - compliments
Midori Sprite An exact match!
Toffee Sand88 An exact match!
Frapachino Apricot An exact match!
Chile Rouge An exact match!
Cabernet Claret An exact match!
Periwinkle Euro-Peri An exact match!
Hyacinth Periwinkle An exact match!
Ruby Cranberry An exact match!
Barley Walnut Really just a shade darker
Slate Blue Arial Blue An exact match!
Siene Brocade Navy An exact match!
Cashmere Toffee Compliments well
Crystal Blue Ocean An exact match
Key Lime Celedon great
Fuschia Boing An exact match
Cashew Buttercreme pretty darn close-good
matching Watters & Watters flower girl dresses matching Watters & Watters flower girl dresses
matching Watters & Watters flower girl dresses  

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